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I was wondering how do you download grantgate? Does anybody know??

I was wondering how do you download grantgate?
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house cleaning: I am disabled and low income. I need someone to clean my apartment 2 times per month but

I am disabled and low income. I need someone to clean my apartment 2 times per month but can't afford to pay for it Can you help me? I live in the Clearwater Fl area
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CSSZiegler   in reply to AidpageTeam   on


Does anyone know if IDILOGIC Federal Money Retriever and GrantGate are up-to-date with the grant information on the software?
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To GrantGate, I looking for help to rent or buy .We are getting ready to have to move due

To GrantGate, I looking for help to rent or buy .We are getting ready to have to move due to landlord sending us a letter that we are to throw my Son 30 and his finance on streets .He just finished classes for truck driving and is having issues finding a job ,.do to want Him to have 6 months to year experiences.We are in low income apartment and don't have good credit or the money to put down on another place with out help. My husband is on SSDI and I can't get any help and I 'm unable to work do to disabling health issues. I also have getting places to except my Services Dog for Severe Depression.We will need to out by end of Dec. of this year.Please call me or email. (4430 693-5496 or Thanks sincerely Mrs. Nanette Lidke

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Does anyone know of places in florida that help people? i live in alachua county florida

Does anyone know of places in florida that help people? i live in alachua county florida and am needing help with a 180.00 bill i have went everywhere but no one has the means to help
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LIVEWIRE   in reply to The Wizard   on

Nonprofit Organizations

I am about to have major surgery, leaving me unable to work. I have no way for my bills and personal needs to be paid while in recovery. ARE ANY RESOURCES AVAILABLE FOR HELP? the medical side is covered. I am a Native American Indian.
pass12   in reply to iamwiserone   on

Zeist Foundation

what kind of fund to you provide to NGOS
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JudyHe   in reply to The Wizard   on

Nonprofit Organizations

I really need help like everyone else I am a diabetic and we are living on ssi and social secuity, the doctor says I have to have a gastric bypass and I have to pay 200 dollars for the inoffice call, and I am not suppose to be under any stress, then we get word my son was accused of robbery but with no evidence so his bond is 507 and so I am sressed out with this my son has to have surgery also his wife has no money she has been walking the streets trying to get house cleaning jobs to help him so either way if I could get help with something please call me at 606-328-4018, or e-mail me at, God bless you all thanks.
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carelinda1979   in reply to The Wizard   on

Nonprofit Organizations

Hi heres my story I had a baby that i thought was normal but she was not at 8 months old she stopped breathing in my arms we found out she was living with 25% of oxygen and htat her lungs were badly dameged and her heart was attached to her liver they told us to let her go because she died 3times one night after her dyeing we got her baptized and everything turnedo ut ok her 10 precent chance surgery she pulled through it her heart is better her lungs is better but she has celebral palsey and mr i was away from my husband for 8months because i stayed with her they wanted me to put her in a nurseing home i said no and im doing everything for her we live in a very small trailer and it needs alot of repairs im praying for a new home some day for her because she will be in a wheel chair im just getting so stressed and depressed me and my husband dont work and things our falling aprt our car that take her to doctor apt we need help but know one seems to care and she right now dosent walk or talk and shes 2yr old and i need help getting her a ipad to help communicte with me
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ourhouseburntdown   in reply to The Wizard   on

Nonprofit Organizations

On may8,2012 my house burnt down we lost everything includin our dogWe had know renters insurance at all we got out withNothin but the clothes on our back we have 2 kids my daughter is turning 9 on june 5th2012 and on june 30 mySon is turning 13 I'm turning 30 may 29 but I'm skipping myBirthday this year but my kids at least need a house before
Then we have been searching for a house for 2 weeks Today between work ,kids school,and looking for
A place to live has been horable my kids have been
In a motel room or car for like 2 weeks it seems like
Like not being able to cook a real meal or even relax I just
Need something to break soon I'm not askin for hand
Outs just a place for my kids to call home if anybody has
Any ideas my number is 5417332926
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Leo II   in reply to The Wizard   on

Nonprofit Organizations

How do I go about making a donation to the trust?
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PRBERNAR   in reply to The Wizard   on

Nonprofit Organizations

Dear Sirs.
, I have 45 years and I live in Brazil (Rio Grande do Sul). I know that a request of this sounds uncommon and to it can seem that I am wanting you to deceive. I am not an extremely poor person, but in the attempt of giving a minimum of comfort for my family, I financed a small house and I got into debts that I am not getting to pay.
I already look for several banks to refinance my debt, however I didn't obtain success.
My despair is very big and I don't want to lose my house, because I know that I will never again get other.
I am seeking you for not having more solution alternative for my case
And I hope I understand a person's despair without alternative.

Please help me..

iftikhar hussain   in reply to Pendeza   on

Nonprofit Organizations

I am Iftikhar President Helping Hands Welfare Association Baltistan (Reg). We are running a school system named (City Of Knowledge Education System Skardu). Now its 6 branches are spreading education for and wide in rural areas of Baltistan. Due low fee rate and small financial position we are facing many problems in smooth running of the institution like paying rent for rented building, teacher’s salary, free education program, library and computer and Science laboratory establishment, safe drinking water and transports for students and staff. So It is requested to please help us t continue our project by providing assistance in any kind and for any aspect. So that quality of education enhanced.
waiting for generous response.
Iftikhar Hussain
Cell: 03459602357
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bookworm2011   in reply to la blanche   on

Nonprofit Organizations

hi was wanting more info on your foundation and couldnt find via web search. Does your organization have a website.
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la blanche   in reply to The Wizard   on

Nonprofit Organizations

i'm blanche, founder of La Blanche foundation, which is a non-profit organization the purpose is to support victims of crime in Congo(Africa). War and violence destroyed the East part of the country,more than 4 million people died during the first war nd 8 million during the second war, 3,600 women, even kids are being raped,sexual violence drag along diseases: HIV, infection, sterility, depression etc. La Blanche foundation is requesting your support to give any amount to help those who are suffering and dying every single day because of lack of food, lack of good care, lack of drugs and lack of clothing. together we can give them hope and will make a difference to someone life. Thank you for your consideration.
6737 colonial court
columbus,ohio 43229
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Schmidty   in reply to Amy of the Lakes   on

About Schmidty

The film was entertaining.Seems as if you have too many irons in the fire.Seems a lot to juggle.If you check all the post that areat the right of our "conversation" under the heading 'Talking about',You may find some help . You can also try for foundation help and for government help. Both programs are free to dowload and use as much as possible.They will help guide you in writing and getting a grant.Make sure you read all the material, I would suggest printing the instrutions out,before or after you download the programs.You didn't say but I assume you are a non profit. If not you need to be or get help from on. Good Luck and God bless
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About daryl4

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Mfanyana   in reply to The Wizard   on

Nonprofit Organizations

Dear Sir/Madam,

My name is Japhet Zwana. I am a college retired professor. I have started a non profit organization whose mission is to set up an academic scholarship fund to assist Zimbabwe college students from poor families to obtain money to go to college and be able to pay tuition/fees. The shattered economy has affected the poor so much parents cannot afford to send children to college. Those unable to go or drop out, cannot find jobs due to the highest unemployment rate in the world. I need help with donations and donor database. Could you please, assist! Thank you.

Japhet M. Zwana
President:Zimbabwe Students Recruitment Program, Inc (

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Pendeza   in reply to The Wizard   on

Nonprofit Organizations

 in response to AnAmerican...   The local NGOs in developing countries face difficulties standards to secure funding, the donors, sponsors for their projects for the main reasons I consider the following:
- The donors rely on NGOs from their wealthy countries when they come to settle for a short time only, the day of closing or departure leaves the whole problem to local organizations whose resources are very insugnifiant.
- Some local NGOs had been funded and mismanaged funds, which today has caused the loss of confidence;
- Donors, sponsords, pose a number of criteria for allocating funding to local NGOs that are sometimes very strice, sévèrent not easy at all.
I would suggest that different donors, sponsord, to review their strategy and also help local NGOs to overcome their difficulties. thank you
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AnAmerican   in reply to The Wizard   on

Nonprofit Organizations

 in response to pedroguillermo...   Hola, Mi primer pensamiento sería para llegar al pueblo de Nicaragua. Al igual que todos los países que son los que tienen mucho que les gusta dar e incluso de algunos que les gusta ser conocido como dadores grandes. En segundo lugar, están las iglesias. ¿No es su creencia para ayudar a los niños del mundo? Si eso no funciona, y será un trabajo duro y que tomará tiempo, siempre hay las Naciones Unidas a través de la Unesco. La ONU puede tomar más tiempo que los dos primeros. Buscar un patrón, les muestra su necesidad y presentar el plan, y, por último, mostrarles ejemplos de los resultados positivos que se han logrado en lo que lo que debe hacer se ha implimented. Buena suerte y que Dios bendiga a los niños de este mundo.
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